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Five Forks Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident is a life-changing event that can permanently end your ability to ride. Because they have less protection than in a motor vehicle, motorcycle riders face lengthy hospital stays and medical bills. Motorcycle accident victims require time to heal and adjust to significant life changes. This results in missed time from work and the possible loss of a career.

If a negligent driver is responsible for your harm, a Five Forks motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you. Pursuing compensation for your damages, whether by a civil claim or lawsuit, is a smoother process with a lawyer by your side.

The Rewards and Risks of a Five Forks Motorcycle Ride

The openness of a bike attracts riders and endangers them.

Riding a motorcycle invokes a sense of freedom when traveling South Carolina roads and city streets. Sadly, too many drivers fail to give a second look for a motorcycle.

The freedom of the open road also includes a lack of protection from severe injuries. Among the most dangerous causes of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Intersections: More than 40 percent of fatal motorcycle accident cases happen in intersections, with failure to yield the right of way a contributing factor.
  • Blind spots: Half the area surrounding a motor vehicle contains blind spots for spotting motorcycles.
  • Judging a motorcycle’s distance: The slim profile of a motorcycle makes it challenging to see from a distance, causing drivers to pull out too soon.
  • No brake-light braking: The down-shifting motorcycles use in place of braking can confuse drivers, resulting in traumatic collisions.

One reckless act by a driver can cause catastrophic injuries or result in death for a motorcyclist. If a dangerous driver turned your relaxing ride into a nightmare, get help from a Five Forks motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

We have the experience and skills your motorcycle case needs.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is chaotic and confusing. Many motorcycle accident victims know they need a lawyer but do not know where to start.

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law have worked with motorcycle accident victims who suffered harm due to a negligent motorist. Attorneys James Whalen and Eric Montalvo understand the pain and anxiety victims feel concerning their damages.

Choosing the right attorney for your Five Forks motorcycle accident matters. James and Eric bring solid credentials and compassion to each case and client they serve.

Attorney James Whalen knows civil law. From a law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law to working with a federal court, he brings a wealth of experience to each case. His experience includes working on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) grant. James’s combined experience and education provide a valuable foundation for your motorcycle accident case.

Attorney Eric Montalvo is a University of South Carolina School of Law graduate and a United States Marine veteran. His extensive military career provided him with legal experience as a military prosecutor, working in many DUI cases. Eric applies this experience to motorcycle cases involving negligence, such as drunk or drugged driving. He proudly applies his military legal expertise and leadership to South Carolina civil cases.

Attorneys James Whalen and Eric Montalvo help victims of negligence by applying a dedicated focus to the specifics of your motorcycle accident. Read client reviews to discover why choosing Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law makes sense.

How We Help Five Forks Motorcycle Accident Victims

We deal with aggressive insurers so you can rest.

Motorcycle accident victims feel unsettled and find their lives in disarray following a frightening crash. Nothing is quite the same as they deal with their injuries or the loss of a loved one.

We manage the intricate details of your case, such as:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Filing court documents for trial.

Our goal is to secure fair compensation for your current and future needs. We do not settle for what an insurance company wants to pay but rather what our clients deserve.

If our approach sounds appealing to you, act now. Motorcycles are everywhere; if a driver failed to see yours, get help from Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law today.

Drivers who fail to share the road with motorcyclists face accountability for rider damages. Contact a Five Forks motorcycle lawyer today if you or a loved one suffered severe harm due to a negligent driver.

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Five Forks Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

A Five Forks motorcycle accident attorney answers FAQs regarding state laws, the civil process, and why quick action is vital for your case.

Q: How important is accident scene evidence for my case?

A: Accident scene evidence, such as photographs and a police report, can be valuable evidence for proving negligence. It is vital that you share any information you have relating to your motorcycle accident.

Q: Will my motorcycle accident case begin in a courtroom?

A: It is unlikely that your motorcycle case will begin in a courtroom. A personal injury claim is generally the next step, with your lawyer negotiating with an insurer for a fair settlement.

Q: What is the South Carolina statute of limitations, and why is it important?

A: The statute of limitations limits the pursuit of civil cases to three years. It is a law with no room for extension or do-over should you miss the three-year deadline.

Q: How long must I wait for compensation for my accident damages?

A: It is impossible to predict the length of your civil case. Factors such as whether your case settles outside of court or goes to trial can impact the process. Compensation is not promised and may differ in amount from similar cases if received.

The sooner you schedule a free consultation, the faster you can move forward. Time is paramount, so act now and contact a Five Forks motorcycle accident attorney.

Five Forks Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

Fatal motorcycle accidents are all too common and devastating.

According to the NHTSA, thousands of people lose their lives yearly in motorcycle accidents. When a fatal motorcycle accident results from negligence, the devastation is compounded by the careless actions of another motorist.

Drunk, distracted, aggressive, and other forms of careless driving are poor choices that impact families forever. If you lost a close loved one in a Five Forks motorcycle accident, contact our wrongful death lawyer today for a free consultation.

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law

Helping Five Forks motorcycle accident victims pursue justice.

Five Forks motorcycle operators and their passengers have the same rights as other road users. If another driver failed to recognize your rights or who acted negligently behind the wheel, contact us.

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law may be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. However, the compensation clock is ticking. Investigating your accident and building your case takes time — something not on your side.

If you suffered significant injuries or lost a close loved one in a Five Forks motorcycle accident, schedule a free consultation with Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law today. Call (864) 770-7710.

James M. Whalen

I grew up right here in Greenville, South Carolina. Following highschool, I attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where I was an NCAA Scholar-Athlete for the Rhodes Lynx soccer program.

I completed my law degree at University of South Carolina School of Law, where I was on the mock trial team and an editor for the Journal of Law and Education. Following graduation, I served as a judicial law clerk for Senior Judge Robert H. Hodges, Jr. on the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. My experience in D.C. trial courts solidified my desire to become a trial lawyer.
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