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As in any case, time is of the essence, and that’s especially true with personal injury. If you delay litigation, you may miss the statute of limitations to recover damages. ​If you’ve been hurt, the clock begins to run on getting you the help you will need, now and for your lifetime to come. The good news is that you don’t go through this process alone.

Personal injury law or tort law comes in many different forms. In general, it involves one party getting injured because the other party failed to act (negligence) or acted. For example, the negligence of a dog owner in keeping their pitbull on a leash in a public park, resulting in a dog bite on the arm of an unwilling victim, would constitute a tort case. Similarly, a verbal altercation at a sporting event that escalated into a full-on fistfight would also find its way to the courtroom.

But these parameters (failure to act or acting that causes injury) leave room for a very broad range of events that can occur in circumstances and settings both personal and professional. A personal guest may find that the stairs to their attic bedroom were rotting, resulting in a fall. A doctor may prescribe the wrong medicine or treatment, resulting in a medical malpractice suit.

Personal injury cases can also have other components aside from the physical injury For instance, in the case of a motor vehicle accident (MVA), in addition to the physical injury, there may be the financial damage of lost work time, or the emotional and psychological damage of the traumatic event. A personal injury lawyer can help you explore all avenues of compensation and maximize the compensation you receive. In some cases, personal injury may even involve the ultimate crime of wrongful death. Though the injured party is gone, a tort lawyer can help survivors reclaim the money they need to defray their own expenses related to the wrongful death, and redress the wrong of losing this person.

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