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A construction injury can severely limit or even end your career. As inherently dangerous workplaces, construction sites require utmost care and caution.

Moving machinery, vehicles, workers, and unsafe working conditions can spell disaster for even the most experienced construction worker. No construction worker should suffer severe harm and damages due to someone else’s negligence.

Greenville construction accident lawyers help victims of negligence pursue justice and accountability. Protect your best interests by contacting a personal injury lawyer today if a coworker’s reckless actions, safety gear failure, or faulty machinery changed your life.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Construction site negligence is never acceptable.

Deadline pressures and careless workers can cause a traumatic construction accident in seconds. When a supervisor or employee cuts corners to save time or money, they place everyone on site at risk for severe injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists the following as the top construction industry hazards:

  • Falls: Unsafe ladders, defective fall protection gear
  • Electrocutions: Indirect or direct contact with live electrical wiring or equipment
  • Caught-In: Workers getting trapped, crushed, or pinched between two objects
  • Struck-by: Contact with falling, flying, swinging, slipping, or ground-level objects.

To pursue a civil case against all liable parties, your lawyer must prove negligence occurred. Investigating the who, what, when, how, and why of your case takes time, determination, and a dedicated focus.

The shock of your accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed about your situation. A construction accident injury lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina may be able to help you.

When safety procedures work, everyone goes home unharmed at the end of the day. It takes just one reckless worker, faulty safety device, or piece of dangerous equipment to swiftly and permanently change your life.

Schedule a free case evaluation today if you or a loved one suffered a construction injury due to negligence. The sooner you contact a Greenville, South Carolina attorney, the faster they can review your potential case.

Fatal Construction Accidents

Some construction injuries are not survivable.

Losing a close loved one due to a construction injury is heartbreaking. Whether a sudden shock or your loved one passes later from their injuries, the loss is permanent and stressful. If your loved one financially provided for your family, the loss of income can cause you anxiety. Concern regarding your bills — in addition to medical costs — often results in sleepless nights.

A Greenville wrongful death lawyer can help guide you through this emotionally challenging time. A lawyer will fight for the following for those who qualify for filing a wrongful death claim or lawsuit:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Final medical costs for your loved one
  • Lost wages and potential future earnings
  • Loss of companionship and friendship with your spouse
  • Loss of potential inheritance for decedent’s children.

If you lost a close loved one due to a construction injury, you may have legal options for pursuing compensation for your loss. While compensation can never replace what you lost, it can relieve your unfair financial stress.

Why Choose Us?

Experience matters

At Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law, we fight for construction workers harmed or killed by the negligence of others.  We apply our skills, experience, and knowledge of South Carolina law to secure the best outcome possible.

Greenville native Attorney James Whalen gained extensive experience working in various settings, including the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. His wealth of experience is invaluable to those seeking justice. James treats each client with respect and compassion. He understands that a construction injury or loss is life-altering and sincerely wants to help victims pursue the compensation they deserve.

Attorney Eric Montalvo is a United States Marine Corps veteran, where he had a 20-year career as a leader and judge advocate. His law career started with military experience, including acceptance into the Marine Corps Law Program. Eric now practices law in Greenville and helps those harmed by the negligence of others.  He takes all steps necessary to build a strong case for clients.

James and Eric commit to negotiating for a fair settlement with those liable for your harm. They are unafraid of insurance companies and stand prepared to take cases to trial when necessary.

How We Can Help

A construction injury can require a lengthy hospital or rehabilitation stay. Some catastrophic injuries result in permanent harm, making daily life adjustments necessary.

No matter the severity of your injury, you are in no condition to manage your case alone. Procedures, medications, therapies and more likely consume your day. A civil case requires a dedicated focus — something construction accident lawyers provide.

At Whalen Montalvo, our firm helps clients by handling all aspects of their construction accident claim or lawsuit. The following are just a few examples of the work we do for a typical civil case:

Review any accident reports

  • Interview witnesses
  • Research safety gear recalls
  • Visit the accident scene
  • File your lawsuit with the appropriate court.

Construction injury cases take time and require patience. We keep our clients updated about the progress of their cases.  Our easy-going nature with clients makes asking questions comfortable, and our aggressive nature with cases puts insurance companies on notice.

Let us deal with the intricate legal details of your construction injury case. We take great pride in our ability to help South Carolina victims of negligence. While we cannot predict the outcome of your case, we will hold accountable those who are responsible for your damages.

A construction injury can change your life forever. If worksite negligence caused your injuries or loss, you may have legal options. Contact Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law today for a free case consultation.

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Construction Injury FAQs

Questions after a construction injury are understandable. Here, a construction injury attorney answers frequently asked questions about the legal process:

I have a settlement offer for my construction injury. Should I accept it without an attorney?

No. Accepting a settlement closes your case and generally leaves you no further legal options. An attorney can protect your best interests against insurance companies seeking to protect their own.

How long does a construction injury case take?

While your attorney will work diligently to resolve your case as soon as possible, they will not settle for less than you deserve. Your attorney will fight for the best outcome possible, however long it takes.

Will my construction injury case go to trial?

Each case is different, and most civil cases settle without going to court. If your case goes to trial, your attorney can prepare you for the process.

What if my employer asks me to lie about my construction injury?

Never lie about the facts of your case. In fact, it is best to have your lawyer handle all communication regarding your case.

How long do I have to file a South Carolina construction accident lawsuit?

The South Carolina statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death cases is three years. The statute of limitations clock starts the moment the injury occurs.

What happens if I miss the deadline for the statute of limitations?

If you miss the deadline for filing your civil lawsuit, you generally have no further legal options. It is imperative that you contact a Greenville, South Carolina attorney as soon as possible following your construction injury or loss.

No one goes to work expecting to suffer a severe injury. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to negligence, schedule a free case consultation today with a construction accident lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina.

Your Path to Recovery Following a Construction Injury

A construction injury can result in severe injuries that require extensive care. A fall, for example, can cause a traumatic brain injury. This type of injury sometimes requires a lifetime of care.

Spinal cord injuries, burns, and internal injuries are other examples of life-altering harm that could result from construction negligence.

If you or a loved one suffered a devastating construction accident, contact Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law today.

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law

We fight for you.

Construction workers are owed a duty of care when they enter a job site. While they, too, have a responsibility to obey safety rules, they should not suffer harm due to the negligence of others.

Negligence is what our attorneys understand and know how to identify. The parties involved in your injury may include the manufacturer of safety gear, a coworker, a job superintendent, or a property owner.

Sifting through the evidence and relating your damages to the negligence is how we can help. We take the information we gather to build a strong case for fair compensation.

You should not pay out-of-pocket for injuries or a loss you suffered due to someone else’s carelessness. We fight for the compensation that covers your damages now and protects your future medical needs.

A construction accident turns your world upside down. Life may never return to the way it was before the accident. However, focusing on regaining your strength is the best use of your time.

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law diligently work on your case as soon as they get it. The clock is ticking, so make scheduling a free case consultation your top priority. Call us today at (864) 770-7710.

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I grew up right here in Greenville, South Carolina. Following highschool, I attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where I was an NCAA Scholar-Athlete for the Rhodes Lynx soccer program.

I completed my law degree at University of South Carolina School of Law, where I was on the mock trial team and an editor for the Journal of Law and Education. Following graduation, I served as a judicial law clerk for Senior Judge Robert H. Hodges, Jr. on the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. My experience in D.C. trial courts solidified my desire to become a trial lawyer.
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