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Common Dog Bite Breeds

Have you ever experienced a dog bite? Dog bites occur daily in the U.S.A. Dog bites send more than 300,000 Americans to hospital annually. Most injuries are inconsequential, but even a short hospitalization is inconvenient. You can sustain a dog bite at any moment. Being bitten by a dog is not pleasant. It’s associated with a lot of pain, and there is a likelihood of contracting an infection. Naturally, some dog breeds are more aggressive and dangerous than others. Regrettably, many dog owners do not realize that their dog behaviors emanate from their care and training.

According to a study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), around 4.5 million dog bites occur in the USA annually, with 800,000 warranting medical attention. Do you want to get detailed information about dog bites and legal representation? Our dog bite attorney in Greenville, SC is here to help

Why do dogs bite?

It is believed that a dog cannot attack people without any given reason, but sometimes a dog can inflict a bite without any solidified apparent reason whatsoever. Dogs can bite for several reasons, including:

  • Safeguarding themselves, their puppies, or their owners from something that has provoked them
  • Do you know that communication between the owner and their dog can get misconstrued? Miscommunication can provoke a dog to bite.
  • When they are scared or threatened
  • When they are sick or startled
  • Dogs may bite as a reaction to a stressful situation

Dog breeds that bite the most

Most dog bites involve canines that are not spayed or neutered. The following dog breeds are known to bite most often:


They are possibly the most aggressive dog breed out there. Primarily, pit bull was bred with the chief role of a fighter. Irrespective of the opponent’s size, the pit bull never backed down from any fight. This breed is very stubborn, and its potent pit bull attacks are likely to bring any human of any size crashing down.


This breed is a sweet, furry, and jumpy pet to take around a house. However, this pet needs reconsideration if you have kids at home. They are less aggressive, but it growls and bites frequently. They propagate minor attacks triggering fear of animals in young kids.

German Shepherd

They are connotated as the original guard or watchdog. This dog breed accounts for 3.8% of all dog bite attacks in the U.S.  They are muscular and strong, with a sloping body that slants backward. German shepherds are intelligent, reacting to any form of provocation through biting.

Jack Russel Terrier

This type of breed is a small-sized dog but with a big attitude. The Russel Terrier are hunters in nature, and they like running and chasing. It’s a high-energy dog warranting adequate exercise and stimulation. Formidable high energy associated with The Jack Russel Terrier is pivotal when training for agility or other outdoor activities like catch and fetch.

Tips on how to prevent a dog bite

Irrespective of your dog not exhibiting any signs of aggressive attitudes, it’s under no provocation; still, it can inflict a bite. It’s prudent to maintain confidence and get paired with continuous body language. Despite a dog being man’s best friend, dogs can sometimes become man’s worst nightmare, mainly when provoked. Children are the most typical victims of dog bite attacks, with lip, nose, cheek, and neck injuries the most pronounced. These tips include:

  • Ensure that you don’t disturb a dog when it is sleeping, eating, or taking care of its puppies
  • If you get approached by an unfamiliar dog, you should remain motionless. Avoid running and direct eye contact
  • Allow your dog to sniff and smell you before you pet it. Don’t run from a dog or get panicked or make loud noises
  • Report strays or dogs manifesting strange behavior to your local animal control

Things to consider before acquiring a dog.

There are a few factors to consider before bringing a new dog into your dwelling, particularly if you have children or other animals. The stipulated factors below can assist in decreasing your chances of unwarranted behavior in your dog. They include:

  • Spend adequate time with your new dog before you adopt it to scout for any form of aggression.
  • It’s not advisable to get a dog with a history of aggressiveness, especially if your home has children.
  • Proper socialization and training for your dog is instrumental
  • Before selecting a dog of your choice, research and consult with a professional vet or dog trainer to ascertain the best breed matches your needs.
  • It’s pivotal to spay or neuter your dog to reduce aggressive tendencies before bringing it home.
  • It’s imperative to understand that no matter how your dog gets trained, it can inflict a bite at any moment. Therefore, it is always a good idea to be a responsible dog handler and ensure that your pets are supervised at all times.

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Are you conversant with some statutes and ordinance that regulates dangerous dogs to safeguard people from dog bites? Worry no more because our personal injury lawyers Greenville SC will keep you abreast with comprehensive information about what statutes you will use in classifying a dangerous dog. Don’t hesitate to contact Whalen Montalvo Law and speak to our personal injury lawyer Greenville SC, to help you figure out how to apply local laws and come up with the most formidable remedy for your situation.

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