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Escalators are a quick and convenient form of transportation in government buildings, hospitals, retail outlets, and more. Users trust that the escalator they use is properly maintained and safe.

It takes one mechanical issue, large or small, to disrupt your ride. If your short trip between floors turned into a long-term recovery from severe injuries, seek help. You may be entitled to compensation for your unfair damages.

A Greenville escalator accident lawyer offers free case consultations, allowing you the opportunity to learn more about your legal options. If your escalator accident resulted from negligence, pursuing a civil claim or lawsuit is best done with the help of a licensed South Carolina lawyer.

Greenville Escalator Dangers

One mechanical issue can change your life.

The continuous movement of an escalator relies upon numerous components that require regular maintenance. A poorly maintained escalator can result in a tragic, yet most likely preventable, accident.

Common escalator dangers due to malfunctioning or neglected mechanics include:

  • Damaged steps
  • Missing or loose parts such as screws or bolts
  • Track damages, including missing track teeth.

Stepping aboard an escalator should not result in life-altering injuries. While users must ride responsibly, those responsible for the escalators owe riders a duty of care.

An escalator accident can result in injuries that delay your return to work or that possibly end your career. The following are a few examples of the most common types of escalator accident injuries:

  • Comb-plate entrapment
  • Between-step entrapment
  • Slip and falls, common among elderly users
  • Finger entrapment, specifically relating to children
  • Lodging of personal effects such as shoes or clothing.

An escalator can abruptly stop or start, speed up, or slow down, causing users to lose their balance. Broken steps or comb plates can snag clothing, resulting in choking or the loss of fingers.

If you or a close loved one suffered severe injuries due to a dangerous escalator, get help from a Greenville escalator accident attorney as soon as possible.

Fatal Escalator Accidents

The loss of a loved one demands accountability.

A fatal escalator accident leaves families without a close loved one forever. The devastating impact is emotional, psychological, and financial.

Escalator users and mechanics face the risk of death when conditions are unsafe. If you lost a close loved one due to an escalator accident, a Greenville wrongful death attorney may be able to help you.

No amount of compensation can mend your broken heart. However, it can help ease the financial burden of such costs as final medical expenses and a burial.

The loss of your loved one in such a tragic manner demands accountability. Pursuing a civil case may prevent the same tragedy from happening to another South Carolina family.

There is no excuse for unsafe escalators. If your ride turned tragic in a second, seek help from an escalator accident lawyer today.

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Escalator Accident FAQs

A Greenville escalator accident lawyer answers frequently asked questions:

Are there state regulations regarding escalator inspections?

Yes. The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation is the leading state agency regarding elevators, escalators, and amusement rides.

How long do I have to file a Greenville escalator accident case?

The statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death case is three years. Time passes quickly as you recover from a traumatic accident.  It is crucial for your case that you contact a Greenville escalator accident attorney as soon as possible.

What should I do if an insurance company blames me for my escalator accident?

Do not speak with an insurance company before contacting an attorney. The insurance company representative may use something you say against you. Protect your best interests by referring insurance company reps to your attorney.

An insurance company offered me a large settlement; should I accept it?

No. The offer may appear to be a large sum, but it is most likely the least amount they want to offer you. If you accept the settlement, your acceptance closes your claim forever. It is best to fight for the type of settlement you deserve, not what an insurance company wants to pay.

How can I help with my escalator case?

Despite serious injuries, accident victims can help their case by refraining from what they share on social media. While various platforms provide an easy way to update friends and family simultaneously, what you share may hurt your case. Refraining from posting about your accident is best to prevent an insurance company from using your post against you.

An escalator accident is an overwhelming experience. Having questions is common and understandable. Get the answers to your questions by scheduling a free case consultation today.

Why Choose Us?

We care about and fight for our clients.

As Greenville attorneys, James Whalen and Eric Montalvo care about and fight for their clients. While no two cases are alike, they apply the same dedication to each one, working hard to secure the best outcome possible.

Attorney James Whalen brings federal government experience to his cases. Greenville, South Carolina, is his hometown and a place he calls home today. His time working at the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., is just one example of what makes him uniquely qualified to assist you.

Attorney Eric Montalvo is a United States Marine Corps veteran with 20 years of career leadership experience. His military experience as a judge advocate started a dedication to representing victims of negligence.

James and Eric treat their clients respectfully as they learn more about their accidents. They focus on identifying the liable parties and pursuing compensation accordingly.

Choosing the right representation for your case is vital for your peace of mind. You do not have to fight your case alone.  Contact Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law for help with your Greenville escalator accident.

Types of Compensation Pursued in an Escalator Accident Case

An unexpected hospital stay starts an unmanageable amount of medical bills. The negligence of escalator owners or operators is where liability lies in civil cases. At Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law, we identify all parties responsible for your harm, and we typically pursue the following types of compensation:

  • Medical costs: The immediate and long-term costs associated with your medical care.
  • Lost wages: The time missed from work due to your hospital stay and recovery.
  • Potential future earnings: Lost fingers or other permanent harm may prevent you from returning to work.
  • Pain and suffering: The emotional, psychological, and physical harm you suffered due to the negligence.

Those pursuing a wrongful death case may fight for compensation regarding such damages as the loss of companionship and the loss of inheritance for children.

There is no way to predict how long your case may take or the outcome. Patience during the process is better than settling for less than you deserve.

Each case is unique and depends upon such facts as the escalator condition and victim injuries. Determining what was known about the dangers, or whether the dangers existed so long those responsible should have known, is a crucial part of each case.

How We Can Help

Greenville attorneys invested in clients and the community

At Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law, we dig deep to find the answers necessary for building your civil case. We analyze the details of each piece of evidence we find.

We help your case by:

  • Visiting the scene
  • Examining inspection reports
  • Filing necessary court documents promptly
  • Investigating the scene, reviewing photographs, and interviewing witnesses
  • Managing insurance companies and compensation negotiations
  • Preparing for a possible trial before a judge and jury.

As personal injury attorneys, we stand by our clients throughout the legal process. Most cases settle out of court. However, we will prepare you for the courtroom experience if your case proceeds to trial.

An escalator accident is a frightening event, and your injuries require rest. Let a member of our team deal with aggressive insurance adjusters or present your case before a judge and jury.

Greenville, South Carolina Escalator Accident Attorneys

Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law

It is easy to step onto an escalator without any thought of safety. However, one unsafe part can cause an instant accident with long-term results.

Whether your child lost fingers, you suffered injuries, or you lost a loved one, we want to help you fight for justice. A simple mechanical fix should not go unrepaired due to laziness, incompetence, or a desire to save money.

The statute of limitations deadline is thirty-six months, and there is no second chance to file your lawsuit if the deadline expires. This tight time span means contacting Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law now is vital for your case.

If you or a close loved one suffered severe injuries in an escalator accident, or you lost a close loved one, contact Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law today. Gathering evidence and building a solid case for compensation takes time — something not on your side.

The friendly and caring staff at Whalen Montalvo Attorneys at Law await your call. Schedule your free case consultation by calling (864) 770-7710.

James M. Whalen

I grew up right here in Greenville, South Carolina. Following highschool, I attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where I was an NCAA Scholar-Athlete for the Rhodes Lynx soccer program.

I completed my law degree at University of South Carolina School of Law, where I was on the mock trial team and an editor for the Journal of Law and Education. Following graduation, I served as a judicial law clerk for Senior Judge Robert H. Hodges, Jr. on the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. My experience in D.C. trial courts solidified my desire to become a trial lawyer.
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