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All property owners in South Carolina, including owners of private, industrial, and business properties, have some level of duty of care toward visitors the property receives. If a hazardous condition on a property causes an injury or a sickness, the property owner can potentially be held liable for the injuries and losses that occur. Premises liability lawyers in Spartanburg investigate and identify liable parties and hold them accountable to their clients for damages.

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Our results are why clients seek out Whalen Montalvo. Our premises liability lawyers get the results our clients deserve. We understand how insurance companies and defendants operate, and we know how to hold them accountable for what they owe.

Whalen Montalvo will protect your financial interests while pursuing compensation on your behalf. We never entertain subpar compensation settlement offers. Join the roster of thousands of clients who have relied on us and have received the money they truly need.

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If you have been harmed on someone else’s property, a Spartanburg premises liability lawyer from our team can potentially help you address your losses with compensation from those who caused you harm.

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Determining Who’s at Fault

Seeking Accountability

If you are hurt while on someone else’s property, you likely want answers, and understandably so. Whoever is to blame should pay for the harm they caused. Our premises liability attorneys in Spartanburg can fight to help you hold them accountable.

In premises liability cases, various parties may be liable, including:

  • Property owners
  • Tenants
  • Utility companies
  • Security companies
  • Building contractors and subcontractors
  • Product makers.

As you can see, a variety of different parties may be responsible for your accident. Just who your premises liability lawyer in Spartanburg pursues ultimately depends on the type of premises liability accident that occurred.

Types of Premises Liability Accidents

Most actionable accidents that happen on someone else’s property are categorized as premises liability accidents. The following are some examples of this type of accident:

  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Accidents involving fires and explosions
  • Collapsing structures
  • Falling objects
  • Flying objects
  • Lack of security or adequate security
  • Animal attacks
  • Exposure to poisonous or toxic substances
  • Contraction of infections or illnesses due to sewage issues.

In each of these accidents listed above, there is a liable party. When a structure collapses, the building contractor may be on the hook for shoddy construction practices. Your premises liability attorney in Spartanburg might also pursue the property owner if the collapse resulted from overloading a structure’s capacity.

In other instances, a negligently installed, maintained, or repaired electrical service line or utility pole would see a utility company answering allegations of negligence. A burglary and assault on the premises of a gated apartment complex could result in liability for a security company charged with protecting the complex. Whatever the situation, Whalen Montalvo will find the liable party and compel payment.

Understanding Damages

You are entitled to compensation for monetary and non-monetary losses when injured in a premises liability accident. Whalen Montalvo understands the great need our clients have for prompt compensation payouts that truly address the extensive losses they face.

Our Spartanburg premises liability lawyers will pursue extensive compensation for your costs for treatment, hospitalizations, medication, physical rehabilitation, and medical devices and equipment. We’ll also pursue every penny of the wages you have lost and compensation for your accident-related expenses.

Your Intangible Losses Matter

Your intangible losses are also compensable in South Carolina. These include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of society
  • Physical impairment
  • Scarring and disfigurement.

When reckless or willful behavior is at the root of a premises liability accident, you may also be entitled to recover punitive damages.

The Spartanburg premises liability lawyers at Whalen Montalvo negotiate fiercely for your compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short Q&A relating to premises liability and compensation claims. To get more answers, call our office any time.

How much time do I have to seek compensation for a premises liability accident?

If you have been injured in a premises liability accident, you have three years to file a lawsuit or lose your claim to damages. This means that you must file an insurance claim long before the three years is up. The insurance claim is not the same as a lawsuit and does not stop the clock on the three-year time limit.

Speaking with an experienced Spartanburg premises liability lawyer as soon as possible after your accident will help ensure that you do not miss the window of compensation.

When a minor is injured in a premises liability accident, different rules are in play. The clock does not start until the minor becomes an adult. Once 18, they have three years to file a lawsuit.

How much is my premises liability case worth?

The worth of your case depends on the nature and seriousness of your injuries, primarily. If you have a high-paying job and miss work, your lost wages compensation will be higher than if you work for minimum wage. Additionally, compensation for a broken toe will likely be far less than compensation for a life-altering traumatic brain injury.

Whatever your injuries may be, you can rely on the Spartanburg premises liability lawyers at Whalen Montalvo to pursue as much compensation as is available for your losses.

How long will it take to get compensated for a premises liability claim?

It can take a few months or a few years to get compensated for a premises liability claim. Straightforward cases with clear proof of liability are resolved much more quickly than complex cases. Cases are made complex by various factors, including:

  • The seriousness of the injury
  • Multiple liable parties
  • Evidence issues, such as evidence availability and unreliable witness testimony
  • Failure to reach a settlement, resulting in mediation or trial.

In every premises liability case we take, our team works relentlessly to close our client’s case in a timely manner and with a proper compensation payout.

What if I am partially at fault for my premises liability accident?

Not every premises liability case involves one party who is 100% responsible. In some cases, the victim may share a portion of the liability. Fortunately, a victim’s own negligence does not bar them from seeking compensation for their losses in South Carolina unless they are more than 50% negligent.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your questions with an experienced Spartanburg premises liability lawyer. We’re here to help.

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Property ownership and control come with certain duties owed to visitors to the property. When a visitor is injured or killed, the property owner or tenant can be held to pay. However, their insurance company will fight hard to limit its payout. With an experienced Spartanburg premises liability attorney fighting for you, your chances of recovering appropriate compensation rise significantly.

If you or someone you love is suffering and dealing with mounting financial losses, Whalen Montalvo is here to help. Our Spartanburg premises liability attorneys are ready to listen and map out the next steps in your compensation claim. Call (864) 770-7710 for a free consultation today!

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